Chasing the Honeymoon Sun

By Ava Mason

Getting married and want a honeymoon that's warm and hot? Our world guide is just the ticket for newlyweds who want to bask in the sun - whatever time of year!

January - The sun is high in the sky in the land of Oz. Australia's summer is at its peak in January. The Caribbean is also the perfect long haul getaway with guaranteed sunshine and perfect beaches. Florida too has a good sunshine record around this time and plenty of entertainment! Closer to home the Canary Islands are a good bet with warm, dry days and cooler nights.

February - Be the envy of your wedding guests with a trip along the Nile. Cruisers can expect plenty of sun, yet temperatures won't be too hot for honeymoon sightseeing. Thailand with a guaranteed eight hours sunshine and stunning vistas to boot.

March - The beginning of Spring and a Sicily is a mass of blossom, and early Spring sunshine - a true Italian romance. March is a good bet for a honeymoon safari with Kenya having its dry season from December to April.

April - Madeira, and Marrakech - all under five hours flying time, are fresh and warm in April. Turkey too has warmer than average Mediterranean temperatures. The Caribbean is still warm and dry but at the end of its official high season with lower prices up for grabs.

May - The east coast of America and the sunshine state of California are ideal at this time - prices are reasonable too. For glitz and glamour head to Las Vegas and the Nevada desert before it gets too hot!

June - Hot tropical destinations at this time of year include Bali. Australia's Northern Territory and Queensland are also now warm and dry. Northern Europe is warmer now with a chance to catch the midnight sun in the Scandinavian cities.

July - Where else but the hot Mediterranean? Elsewhere, the Canadian Rockies offer spectacular scenery and glorious sunshine. Long haul lovers will enjoy the Argentina winter season - an ideal time to visit, since temperatures are no longer oppressively hot.

August - Europe is in peak season so it's hot and pricey! Paris though is surprisingly quiet and of course romantic. Elsewhere, the Seychelles offer a tropical haven that's dry and warm.

September - Best weather in Mauritius right now, and the Mediterranean is warm enough for sea dips, yet cooler and quieter for sightseeing in cultural rich capitals.

October - Enjoy the fall in North America's New England - plenty of sunshine brings out the glorious autumnal landscape. The Far East cities of Hong Kong and Singapore are at their best too with reduced humidity.

November - Thailand is pleasant around this time of year - warming up with less tropical heat. Mexico too is warm with the odd tropical shower.

December - Fit in a spot of Christmas shopping in sunny Dubai. It's a tolerable month too for tackling Bangkok. The Maldives is superb at this time of year but there is a humidity downside. The Kenyan coast enjoys sunshine and breezes and Morocco or Tunisia make interesting sun-based destinations for a Christmas honeymoon. - 30413

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Planning A Honeymoon To Remember

By Tony Angelo

A honeymoon ought to be a time of relaxation and bonding. Yet, failing to appropriately plan it can lead to it being frustrating and stressful. Below are some tips to apply to ensure that your honeymoon goes as well as it possibly can.

The most important thing to do is to discuss with your future spouse their preferences regarding the honeymoon. You should not presume that you already know what type of honeymoon your fiance would choose. Discuss thoroughly location, budget, duration and accommodation. Both of you should initially create your own list of preferences and you should then make a comparison to find areas that they have in common.

Travel agents can be of great assistance with the planning of a honeymoon and can assist you in making the best decisions based on your joint preferences. Honeymoons are one of the few areas that they still receive commissions so they will commonly put extra effort in to helping you.

Once you have met with a travel agent and know the likely cost, create a honeymoon savings plan and begin setting money aside for it on a weekly basis. You could also enquire with the travel agent if they offer a honeymoon registry, which gives guests the option to pay a portion of your honeymoon costs in lieu of a wedding gift.

Try to pre-pay as much as possible. Incidental expenses such as tips and souvenirs, tend to be manageable expenses, however, if you neglect to budget for extra luggage, car rental or day trips, you can easily find yourselves worrying about money when away.

Having budgeted your money and booked, you only need to pack. Do this well in advance because it will be one less thing to concern yourself with in the frantic approach to your wedding. The later you leave it, the greater likelihood there is of you leaving something behind. - 30413

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Wedding Car Rental And Others In Singapore

By Joseph Devine

Car rental overseas offers added vantage over using the buses and trains or perhaps a tour guide. It provides a lot of time to explore fascinating sights and more time to go at your own pace. For vehicle rental in Singapore, there are some necessities and conditions to be had before you'll hit the open road.

As in most countries, persons want to be 18 years and older to qualify for a car. There are some that would let you get out the door during a vehicle if you're seventeen and have had the driver's license for a year. These 17 year olds wishing to rent in Singapore should also have permission from a parent to go through with the rental procedures. Hence, the parents can assume all responsibility for damage or any misuse of the car by the teenager. Persons over age sixty five are exempt from vehicle rental as well. However, it's best to buy around and ask regarding company policies before making a decision on which company to figure with. For any vehicle rental, Singapore road laws and use can apply to foreigners simply the same.

At nearly any car rental Singapore laws stipulate that person requesting the vehicle encompasses a driver's license for a minimum of a year before being allowed to rent the car. Most will even need an International Driver's Allow so as to operate any vehicle in the country. The permit simply prints the knowledge hung on your license in concerning ten completely different languages and can be had at the travel agent before you leave for a tiny fee.

You'll additionally be checked for previous accidents, points faraway from your license and traffic offences you've committed, sometimes over the past year. A strict rule, but done to make sure after the car rental, Singapore roads are still as safe as doable, protecting you in the long-term.

Singapore is an enclave of China and remains one amongst the foremost memorable destination for honeymoons and weddings. Wedding car rental is generally a special worth for couples and attracts free of charge for putting each names on the driver's listing as long as every offer their driver's licenses and follow the identical guidelines. Special rates are also provided on two seater coupes and roadsters for couples. This makes the car more non-public and brings the pair closer together. If the couple flies in to get married for the marriage, vehicle rental rates on limousines and city cars are discounted for bridal parties, groomsmen and the guardians of the couple. Paying for the car rental is easy and can be done prior to entering the country. Info on the driver's licenses of the persons who would operate the car ought to be sent ahead in order to method the application for the car rental. - 30413

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Trendy and Romantic Honeymoon Vacations

By Sara Derksen

When you think of a romantic vacation, do you instinctively envision an island and a beach? Most people do, but honeymoon vacations run the gamut from busy, outdoor adventures to relaxing, picturesque and quiet interludes. The truth is there are many reasons why one might want an unconventional vacation. For instance, if two avid travelers marry later in life, they may need to find something unique to both of them. If they're getting married in the summer, they may want to forego the stifling beach heat. If they're on a second honeymoon, they may want to choose a romantic cruise or plan a wedding/honeymoon all in one. Here are some of the latest trends in honeymoon vacation packages.

Not every couple craves lounging on the beach all day for their honeymoon vacation package. Active adventurers may prefer surf lessons, mountain climbs, four wheeling and skydiving.

Adventurous honeymoons can include a nature trek at Tintswalo Safari Lodge in South Africa (, a bike tour of the Mediterranean island of Gozo ( or a helicopter tour of the glaciers on Vancouver Island ( Visit to find tour operators that can accommodate your travel adventures, whether it is horseback riding or zip-lining.

Many couples are looking to stay in a "home away from home" on their honeymoon vacations, which is why the Private Villa romantic vacation idea is picking up steam. Couples can choose from a country cottage to a beach rental to a luxurious mansion. While these exclusive rentals often cost a pretty penny, many people feel it is totally worth it to be left alone for their whole honeymoon, while still receiving the best treatment from personal butlers, chefs, housekeepers and masseuses. Popular romantic destinations include Amanyara in Turks and Caicos (, Cotton Bay Villas in the Bahamas ( and the Ritz-Carlton in Bali ( For a more comprehensive listing of 1,600 villas, visit

Many couples are through with planning all the intricate details of the wedding and everything else, so they're looking for something hassle-free for their honeymoon vacations. Thus, the all inclusive romantic resort was born. Reputable name-brands like Sandals (, Couples ( and Club Med ( can whisk newlyweds away to a number of exotic destinations from Jamaica and Antigua to the Bahamas and Mexico. All food, premium alcoholic beverages, activities and accommodations are covered in one price, which makes saving and planning for a romantic honeymoon a cinch. - 30413

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The World's Best Honeymoon Destinations

By Curtis Young

When planning your honeymoon, you will find that there are an almost infinite number of destinations to consider. However, an increasing amount of couples are opting for certain destinations for their honeymoons. So, where are the most popular places to honeymoon right now?

Beautiful scenery, peaceful private beaches and turquoise blue water welcome you on the island of Aruba. Situated in the southern Caribbean off the coast of South America, it is genuinely a place where you can spend absolute quality time together. Couples who want to have relaxing days on the beach and romantic nights on the town will be very happy with an Aruban honeymoon.

St. Lucia is undoubtedly a tropical paradise. Lush flora, volcanic sand beaches and lively nightlife characterize this small Caribbean island. Whether you like to sit on the beach all day or partake in activities, a wide selection of all-inclusive resorts mean it is easy to plan a honeymoon there.

Riviera seafronts, a colorful culture, delicious food and socialable locals are rapidly making Italy one of the top destinations for honeymoons. A honeymoon in Italy can be the trip of your life and, even though it may be more expensive than other choices, many feel it is still good value.

When you take your honeymoon in Hawaii, you will find plenty of sandy beaches, impressive scenery and opportunities for adventure waiting for you. Hawaii provides honeymooners with more more than simply the find to unwind on picturesque beaches; after a day in the sun, you can trek up a volcano or spend time driving on the rocky seaside cliffs.

By choosing one of these top destinations for your romantic time away, you will know for sure that your first trip as a married couple will be nothing short of sensational. - 30413

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Australia Honeymoons - Pick the Package that Best Suits You

By Jim Krangou

As a honeymoon destination, Australia stands up there with some of the best honeymoon destinations. It is not short of engaging activities that includes hiking and scuba diving that any couple would find exciting and worth remembering. It is a melting pot of cultures that offers variety to holiday seekers.

Once you decide on which Australia honeymoons package to pick, you should be rest assured that it will be an experience of a life time. It has an all in one package that stretches between the exotic and the spectacular. Australians are amazingly friendly people that hold both traditional and modern values. Honeymooners and couple usually flock the east coast more than any area in Australia. It is the most populated area in Australia and generally perceived as the cultural hub.

Australia honeymoons can be a great choice as the place has got white sand beaches with reefs in various colors. On your Australia honeymoon you can spend time with your wife by the water and spend some quality romantic moments stat you would never fade out of your memory. You would really enjoy snorkeling at the beaches with the whales as you would not find this anywhere else. Most people think that safaris can only be founded in Africa when this is not the case. Australia has got mesmerizing natural beauty all over the continent. You may choose from the various packages and deals that offer the combination of outback and hotel stays. Safaris can be really adventurous especially for those who are on their Australia honeymoons.

Australia is famous for its Ayer's rock now called Uluru. It a gigantic sandstone rock which you can discover by climbing and hiking. With a good pair of hiking boots on your Australia honeymoon you can enjoy a great deal of enjoyable activities. You can discover caves and waterholes at the Uluru which can be a really fun-filled activity. If you are a sports lover then Australia honeymoons can be even more amazing for you. Sports like sky diving and paragliding are available in Australia. You can take a great view of the beautiful city from the sky and feel at the top of the world.

The Sydney Bridge which is one of the most popular picture perfect places can be one of the most satisfying honeymoon destinations for you. You can simply not miss out the kangaroos and The Great Barrier Reef which will enhance the pleasure of your trip. The superb hotels and restaurants all lined up serving high quality standards and foods from all over the world. Their services are so incredible that you would feel like some celebrity over there. The resorts and hotels are regularly scrutinized for quality check so you get the best when you go there to spend your days. You can also use the amazing spas and health clubs to get the world's most relaxing massages and get refreshed once again.

You should not miss the view from the Sydney harbor that has the world renowned Opera House and the beautiful yachts on the harbor. The availability of different kinds of accommodation makes Australia a wonderful choice for your honeymoon. Getting an ideal one won't be difficult for you. There are hotels that would suit and meet every one's ability.

Picking any one of the Australia honeymoons package will guarantee that you will have a honey moon that you won't be forgetting in a hurry. There are other places that you can go if you are looking to just relax and have a laid back holiday or honeymoon. This can't be said of Australia because there are so many exciting things that will always keep you on the go. The fact is you can't even do all especially in your honeymoon but it does give you multiple choices to sit down over with your spouse and select in accordance with what you both like to experience.

Above all, Australia is a place that one should make up their minds to experience at least once in a life time and for a couple that are looking for a honeymoon destination; it definitely is something to go for. - 30413

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Romantic Honeymoon Getaway - Mexico

By Eangus Wolf

Ah, with the stress of the wedding over, it is now time to enjoy a well-deserved romantic honeymoon getaway. Where you and your spouse decide to venture is dependent on several factors, but what is most important is that the romantic getaways you choose has all the elements of what you and your partner agree is romantic as well as providing long lasting special memories.

Travel agents will agree there are a couple of romantic honeymoon getaways that top the most popular destinations. Those include the well-traveled areas of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii and with so much to offer in each one of these locations it is no wonder why they remain so popular. If you and your partner agree that your romantic getaways should be in a warm and tropical place then you can't go wrong with a trip to Jamaica, Cancun, or Maui.

In the Pacific Coast region, you'll find cities and towns with rich cultural and culinary traditions, as well as some of the best beaches for water sports like surfing and fishing. The Baja California Peninsula territory has been inhabited from time immemorial, in this region you can play golf on world-class courses, discover the underwater treasures of the Sea of Cortez, and witness the amazing migration of the Gray Whale.

Most wedding planners will offer a traditional wedding at the beach in Playa. This is because they want to preserve the custom, or they want to let the couple experience the Mexican culture all throughout the celebration. The wedding sites are usually presented to the couple before the ceremony so they can choose the perfect spot. They will be the ones to decide whether to have the marriage celebrated by a local judge or a priest. Reception follows at the same site, and everything needed for the party, such as wedding cakes, photographs, reception theme and arrangement, wines, flowers, and couple's attire for the wedding, are prepared by an on site coordinator depending on the preference of both the husband and the wife.

Playa Del Carmen weddings are never been so exciting. More and more couples seek the place to discover a different wedding experience by the beach.

Whether swinging in a hammock on the Maya Rivera or climbing the Wall of China, your romantic honeymoon getaway should have all the elements of romance that both you and your partner agree on. With so many special destinations to choose from, no matter where you decide to vacation you are assured to have those special memories to last a life time. - 30413

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